Bobtail Insurance – the Top 3 Myths

Oct 09, 2019 in Insurance 101

Because of the seemingly complex nature of the truck insurance, there are a lot of misconceptions about the different options and coverage. The bobtail insurance seems to be one of the most misunderstood types of truck insurances, as there are a lot of myths surrounding it. Some of them may be true, but most of them simply are not. However, it can be quite difficult to determine which is true. And since insurance is all about saving you money, falling for a misconception can cost you. Sometimes a lot.

So, in order to save you time and money, we will shed some light on some of the most common bobtail insurance myths.

Myth #1: Bobtail insurance and non-trucking liability are exactly the same thing

Most of the times you will hear people saying that non-trucking liability and bobtail insurance are the same thing. This is mostly true, but they are not exactly the same thing. Nearly every truck driver ends up using their rig for personal purposes. This is when non-trucking liability covers your truck. If you are off the clock and you go to the store with your truck – the non-trucking liability insurance will cover for the damages of your rig if you end up in an accident. The bobtail insurance will also cover the damages of your rig if you end up in an accident off the clock. However, the bobtail insurance will only cover the damages if you used your tractor without a trailer attached to it. While non-trucking liability offers protection whether or not the trailer is attached. And this is the main difference between the two insurance. Outside of this difference, non-trucking liability insurance and bobtail insurance are basically the same thing.

Myth #2: Personal trips are not covered by bobtail insurance

As we’ve mentioned in the previous myth – personal trips are in fact covered by your bobtail insurance, as long as you don’t have your trailer attached to the rig while. For example, you have a load to drop in Chicago. You go there, deliver the load and you go back with your tractor only, not having any trailer attached to it. On the way back, you decide to pick up some food from the grocery store, but you end up hitting another vehicle on the way there. Bobtail insurance will provide coverage for the damages your rig sustained.

Myth #3: The cost of bobtail insurance is the same everywhere

As with most additional truck insurance options – it is a very good idea to shop around if you want to get the best rates and the best coverage. Offering lower rates is one of the main tactics of insurance companies when it comes to staying competitive, so taking your time and searching around for the best possible option can save you money. Furthermore, insurance companies often adjust their rates, so if you had a good deal on your bobtail insurance a couple of years ago, today you may find better rates at another insurance company.

So, there you have them – the biggest misconceptions about bobtail insurance explained. We hope this will help you make a better choice when it comes to providing coverage for your rig and yourself. However, we know that commercial truck insurance still remains a complex thing to most people. But we at Bobtail.Insure can easily help you get the best deal. Just contact us or start saving money right now, by getting your FREE QUOTE.

This article is for general information purposes and is not intended as insurance and/or legal advice. Please consult your insurance agent/broker and/ or seek legal advice as policies vary widely and needs defer. Bobtail.Insure is an insurance program for owner operators under permanent lease to a motor carrier exclusive for members of the North American Independent Contractors and Owner Operators association.