Occupational Accident Insurance – what is it and do you need one?

Apr 15, 2019 in Insurance 101, Safety

Generally speaking, when it comes to Commercial Truck Insurance, the occupational accident insurance (often referred to as OCC/ACC) is a type of insurance that protects the driver.

If a truck driver is injured while driving his/her semi or while involved in other work-related accident, the OCC/ACC insurance covers his/her medical bills – treatment, prescriptions, disability payments (yes, even these), accidental death benefits.

Basically, the occupational accident insurance offers benefits to independent contractors and drivers who are not covered under a worker’s compensation policy.

The OCC/ACC policies usually are customized for motor carriers, contract semi drivers and owner operators. When it comes to Commercial Truck Insurance, OCC/ACC policies can be bundled with additional commercial trucking coverage, like non-trucking liability or physical damage, for example.


Why employers choose OCC/ACC commercial truck insurance type?

In some states, the workers compensation law is not a mandatory thing. This means that any employer can choose to opt out. However, the employer still has the same legal obligation to employees who suffer injury or death on the job. The OCC/ACC insurance is another way for the employer to take care of funding this obligation towards his employees. Furthermore, the occupational accident insurance makes it possible to fund this obligation at a lower cost, when compared to workers compensation policy.

There are trucking companies which use OCC/ACC commercial truck insurance to fund benefits for owner-operators who are not employees.

However, virtually every truck driver should have some form of occupational accident coverage, and if you don’t qualify for a workers’ compensation program, the OCC/ACC insurance is mandatory.

4 reasons you need Occupational Accident Insurance

Workers Comp only covers employees

Since occupational hazards are not a science-fiction thing and on-the-job injuries are practically everywhere, the OCC/ACC is your best option for protection if you are a semi-truck driver, because workers compensation only covers employees.

It may be required by the motor carrier

If you lease onto a motor carrier, they may require OCC/ACC. And even if they don’t require it, this type of commercial truck insurance is a sure protection for your family and livelihood in case you end up injured in a work-related incident.

Trucking industry is not the safest industry out there

Yes, let’s be honest – the trucking industry and trucking as a profession is dangerous. So, it won’t be farfetched to say that it is quite possible a truck driver will be injured at some point, right? If this happens, and the chances are not small, if you don’t have OCC/ACC insurance you will have to take care of all the medical bills and you won’t be paid while you are not working. This type of commercial truck insurance keeps you financially sound until you are ready to return to work.

Medical bills are pricey

As we’ve mentioned before – the OCC/ACC covers your medical bills, prescription costs and all health-related expenses. And these can get pretty pricey if you have to pay them off your pocket.


The occupational accident insurance is a type of commercial truck insurance which will cover you if you end up injured in a work-related accident. If you are a truck driver the OCC/ACC will give you a peace of mind at least and it is a mandatory commercial truck insurance if you don’t qualify for a workers compensation program.

So, don’t waste more time and get another layer of protection against on-the-job injuries – take care of yourself and your family. Choose Bobtail.Insure.