Rig Review: Western Star 4900EX

Jul 29, 2019 in Technology

As the Western Star official website states about its 4900 model – Dependability never goes out of style. This happens to be quite true with their Western Star 4900 EX. Everything, from the classic look to the legendary performance, screams one thing and one thing only – dependability. You can count on your 4900 day in and day out whether you’re on the highway or in remote forest.


To say that the Western Star 4900 is a well put together truck will be a big understatement. With its overall performance being quite impressive, this rig won’t give you any trouble for a long long time. Even with the engine.

The handling of the truck is one of the best in its class and many truckers will tell you that it probably IS the best. You can guide the truck along the road with seemingly effortless ease, which grants an exceptional ride even on long hauls. The 4900’s has no problem keeping up speeds between 90 to 100km/h all day long (up and downhill) while carrying nearly 90 tons. And that should mean something to you.

The package

We focused on the EX configuration of the Western Star 4900 and we will delve deeper in the specifications in a little while.

The rig comes equipped with dual seven-inch headlamps. The Deutsch style electrical connectors add to the safety. The standard package also includes integrated air-conditioning, twin airbag cabin suspension and overhead console. Build for the professional, the 4900’s engine is built high in the frame and the bonnet boasts a wide 90-degree opening when tilted forward. This provides improved access to the fuel system, fittings and filters. Hence, service times are greatly reduced, which means you will spend less downtime for maintenance.


The Western Star 4900 EX we managed to put our hands on came with the Cummins ISX15, 15.0L engine, but you can also get it with Detroit DD13, DD15 or DD16. The wheelbase goes up to 448” and you can choose between 4x2 or 6x4 configuration. The one we reviewed used the standard edition Eaton Fuller FR-13210B transmission. However, optionally you can change it for the Eaton Fuller UltraShift PLUS or Allison Automatic 4000, 4500 or 4700. Both the front and the rear axles were Meritor Single, which is additional option to the standard Detroit single and tandem respectively.

All the room you need

Comfort, space and storage all come to mind once you step in the Wester Star 4900’s interior. While sleepers are somewhat of an afterthought when it comes to most brands, the 4900’s seems especially made for the long haul. The 68” sleeper seemed huge with the Stratosphere High Roof option and it is not even the biggest 4900. There is also the 82” sleeper with Stratosphere Ultra High Roof which gives you so much space that long hauls will probably feel like staying at home, but on the road. If that makes any sense to you.

There is enough space for even the tallest truckers and you can also store all your gear there. All of it. This is pretty impressive in our book.

Additional specs

BBC: 132”

BA: 33”

Cab Type: Standard with roper in windshield;

Cab Interior: Tan Trim with Prairie Buckskin Upholstery;

Hood: Fiberglass Traditional Non-Sloping Hood

Taperleaf front suspensions;

AirLiner rear suspensions;

WABCO ABS brakes;

Double-channel @ 3.2 million RBM

Aluminium 25” 150 gallon fuel tank


Dependability never goes out of style, as we mentioned. Thus, the Western Star 4900 will be one of the most dependable rigs out there. If you are just starting as an owner-operator and you are looking for a sturdy, well-rounded and well put together truck – look no further. The 4900 has everything you need and even adds more space so the long hauls may feel a bit easier on your body. And with the added reduced service times, you are one step closer to success.