Rig reviews: Peterbilt 579 review 2020

Mar 15, 2020 in Trucking Industry

When it comes to good rigs it is hard to look past Peterbilt as one of the top truck brands. And when we talk about efficiency, performance and safety – we should include their Peterbilt model 579 in the conversation.


At first glance, the Peterbilt 579 looks astonishing – with its slick design, beautiful default finish and aerodynamic form. However, the looks may be somewhat deceiving, because all the great things about this rig are inside – both in the cab and under the hood. But first things first – let’s talk exterior:


The Peterbilt 579 comes with a 3-piece hood and bumper for easier and sot effective service and repair. This, as most truckers know, improves the total cost of the ownership. The forward lighting is designed to provide even beam patterns as well as extended bulb life and increased brightness. The iconic chevron grille is a beautiful update to the signature Peterbilt grille design. But when it comes to durability, the Peterbilt 579 provides the most durable finish with their solid aluminum cab design. Overall, a great and efficient exterior.


One of the first things that will make impression on you, when you enter the cab of a Peterbilt 579 is the silence. The cab and door stiffness, combined with triple door seals and Peterbilt’s sound abatement technology provide one of the quietest interior environments in a truck. This might sound like a small thing to you, if you haven’t slept in your rig, while on the road. However, experienced truckers know that a quiet interior makes a big difference. The generously sized sleeper also adds to this.

The gauges on the ergonomic dash are easy-to-read, while the Peterbilt Evolution seats provide wide seat cushion and optimized foam density – the much needed balance of comfort and support. So, if you clock a lot of hours driving – you will appreciate the technology behind those seats.

The cab by itself is very spacious, thanks to the added width and height.


As every modern truck, the technology behind the Peterbilt 579 is simply a state of the art. Providing even more efficiency, cost control and comfort. The advanced Predictive Cruise integrated in the powertrain works with the cruise control and the satellite mapping to save fuel. The whole combination makes the truck respond automatically to the road, which can save up to 3% more fuel.

You can view insights of your whole fleet’s health with just a glance, with the Peterbilt’s trademark SmartLINQ. The technology can monitor more than 750 engine and aftertreatment diagnostic codes. It also provides notifications and recommended actions. With this handy thing, all your trucks will be running at peak performance.

The SmartNav provides the driver with a full-color touchscreen. The screen features BT connectivity, voice recognition and additional information with the integrated productivity apps. Add to this the GPS navigation, WiFi capability and up to four camera views for the perfect board computer.

The smart climate control can keep the sleeper cool for up to 10 hours, while using 70% less fuel!


The Peterbilt 579 comes with either a PACCAR MX or Cummins ISX engine, while the options for the transmission are more – you can choose between PACCAR, Eaton Fuller Automated or Manual, or you can pick it up with the Allison transmission. You can also choose between a single or dual exhaust. The PACCAR powertrain MX engine grants B-10 life of one million miles, with 5% improvement in fuel reduction and 505lbs. weight reduction.

The BBC hood and the aluminum cab are perfect just the way they are, but combined with the high roof platinum or premium interior makes each trip a comfortable experience. You can also choose between Low roof and UltraLoft.

The verdict

We believe you already know that the Peterbilt 579 is one of the best trucks on the market right now. Nevertheless, you will be surprised by the efficiency and comfort the model grants. The best in-class driver comfort, combined with exceptional reliability and remarkable fuel efficiency, make the Peterbilt 579 one of the best investments for your business.

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