Health tips for truck drivers. Part 2

Jan 12, 2018 in Tips and Tricks, Lifestyle

In our previous article we established the basic rules of healthy life as a trucker. It’s important to start small and then build up to new habits gradually. So, if you’ve already made the previous tips your daily habits, then you are ready to make the next step.


Now that you’ve improved your lifestyle, there is going to be easier to implement new changes. Here are some advanced tips for those of you who want to live healthier as a trucker. Keep in mind that these tips are not mandatory. If you experience negative effects of following any of these advices, you can stop doing it. As long as you feel healthy and in good state of mind, everything is working fine for you.


  • No alcohol! - Alcohol impairs your judgment, reduces your reaction time, and has other negative effects on your mind and body. It is a natural depressant. Not only it’s bad for your health, but you become a danger to others as well;
  • Take good care of your back - Sit up straight in your chair and make sure your shoulders aren’t slouched forward. Also don’t forget to stretch and move. Stretching does a lot for you. It release tension and helps to reduce stress;
  • Establish an eating routine – the best routine is to eat several small meals instead of a few large ones. That doesn’t mean junk food or sugar, but smaller portions of healthy food. Skip the caloric meals and try to eat balanced food – enough protein, the right quantity and quality carbs, minerals and vitamins. It’s not that hard. You can consult with a diet specialist or read about it on the internet. There is a lot of info;
  • Take care of your mental health – Strong body, strong mind. The brain can be exercised and gain strength. Reading can help, also working on hobbies, don’t underestimate meditation or getting in touch with nature. There are plenty of mental activities that you can do while on the road. Pick whatever works for you and make it a habit;
  • Weight training is a must – it can be easier than you think. Start small with cardio followed by a 15-20 minute workout. Three weight-training sessions a week will be good for a start. Warm up before and after a workout to avoid injury. You can consult with a professional that can make the right program for you;
  • Improve your sleep – make sure you have a good mattress. Get the best of sleeping. It’s essential. Your body and mind need to relax and recover. Choose the right truck bed mattress and pillow. Get year plugs and eye shades. Read for 10-15 minutes before sleep. It’s the best relaxant and you will fall asleep easier.


So, let’s summarize. You need to take care of your physical state, your mental state and have a good time. Remember that these activities doesn’t need to be boring or annoying. With time you will notice many positive changes of your lifestyle and that will encourage you to keep doing them. Don’t expect quick results. It takes time, be patient and don’t stop. You will thank us later!