The Trucker Stereotypes Debunked

Feb 09, 2019 in Just For Fun

There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding truck drivers. But in reality, these drivers are just like you and me – they are hard workers with families, friends, pets and hobbies. They are amazing people that do great things every day, but when it comes down to it – they’re just trying to make their way in life. We will deal with the most common trucker stereotypes and try to disprove them.

  1. The dirty, overweight trucker

The stereotypical trucker? Overweight, smelly, dirty, and unkempt. They rarely shower, never change their clothes, don’t bother to clean up their truck, and eat a terrible diet. Sadly, that’s what a large percentage of the public think of the North American trucker.

While there are definitely those who don’t tend to their hygiene the way they should, this doesn’t represent truckers as a whole. Many truckers aren’t held to a standard for their professional appearance and some take full advantage of that. Eating a healthy diet can be a challenge on the road. Also, any career that has you sitting for 8-10 hours can result in some weight issues.

There are truckers that deal with weight issues but that doesn’t represent the trucking industry as a whole. Nor should any person be told that they “don’t look like a trucker” because they take care of their hygiene and their health. This is a stereotype that needs to go and fast.

  1. Menace On The Road

Whenever a truck is involved in an accident, it will capture the media’s attention more often than a typical fender bender. This is especially the case when these large truck accidents cause excessive damage and if the trailer contents spill out onto the road.

In reality, truckers are the safest drivers on the road. Not only are traffic violation fines expensive, they also negatively impact the transport companies ratings, which can lead to a company audit. If a driver is getting tickets on a regular basis, not only it will affect his driving record, but it can even lead to his termination. The story for a driver doesn’t end there. If a driver has a bad driving record, it will make it difficult for him to find a new job as a professional driver, as most trucking companies turn away those with a bad driving history.

  1. Men are better drivers than women 

While women only represent a small percentage of truck drivers, they are still just as capable and proud of their jobs. They are breaking into the industry in strides and luckily get paid about equal wages, which is not so common in other professions. It may be a male-dominated industry but it still has its share of proud trucking women. It has even been proven that women pay more attention to detail, and are 4 times more likely to pass their CDL certification exam on the first attempt than men. Additionally, female drivers take less risky maneuvers which result in them being 3 times less likely to get in an accident and 5 times less likely to violate safety regulations.

So we can say that truckers deserve to be respected! Next time you pass a driver, maybe give them a wave or say “hello” – even “thank you”! Without them, we wouldn’t have a lot of the luxuries that we have in our lives. Be sure to show them a little love and appreciation!