Top 5 Healthy Snacks When on the Road

Feb 03, 2019 in Tips and Tricks

Being on the road for the better part of the day is an exhausting thing. And when you are a professional trucker, this exhausting thing is mostly what you do. So in order to stay on top of his game, every truck driver needs to stay healthy and eat good. Yes, there are many truck stops down the road, but when you are trying to stay on schedule, sometimes one tends to snack while driving.

Of course, eating healthy while on the road is not an easy thing, especially if you don’t plan ahead. But if you want to stay as healthy as possible and still get your job done – say goodbye to the fast food and candy and consider some of these healthy snack options, which will provide those needed calories as well as some healthy nutrients to keep you in shape.

Nuts and trail mixes

The unsalted, unflavored version of a bag of cashews or a tin of peanuts is one of the best snacks you can have with you on the road. Nuts are chalk full of good fats and proteins. Those fats are actually healthy and good for your body. They also keep you full longer so you won’t be snacking so often. 

However, avoid the sugar coated, honey roasted versions of the nuts and stay away from the trail mixes which contain M&M’s, pretzels and chocolate chips as they can fill you up on sugar – a mix of raw nuts and dried fruit is all you need, so stick to those.


When you are snacking most of the time, your stomach tends to get overworked or finds it hard to digest all the food. But a serving of yogurt can get you a long way – quality yogurt takes care of your digestive health and contains healthy bacteria which takes care of your stomach’s health. So, next time you are on the road – grab some Greek or Bulgarian yogurt, add some dried fruits, nuts and/or honey and you’re set.

Turkey sandwich

When people hear “snacking”, most of the time, their mind quickly produces an image of a sandwich. And they will be right. However, not all sandwiches are made equal. And equally healthy. But next time you are at the truck stop or the gas station and you want to grab one of those sandwiches from the diner – get the one with the turkey or chicken meat. Go easy on the cheese and the mayo, stack up on the fresh veggies, maybe go with the rye or multigrain bread and you will treat yourself to a tasty snack way healthier than any pizza or hot dog.

Veggie chips

Ok, this may sound a little bit optimistic, but if you have them in moderation the veggie chips are a nice and healthy snack option to have by your side. We say “in moderation”, because although healthier than potato chips, veggie chips also have a lot of salt. And you don’t want to be loaded on salt when you are on the road.

Fresh fruit

Yes, it is obvious, but fresh fruit is one of the most overlooked snack options, especially when next to candy and popcorn. Most truck stops now have some type of fresh fruit available, in order to promote healthy eating habits. So, next time you stop at one – don’t be shy and load up on some oranges or grapes. Eating fresh fruits will get you enough vitamin C and fiber to keep your immune system and stomach running on all cylinders. Especially if you add them to your yogurt.